Michele works privately with executives to enhance their leadership skills, solve personal and interpersonal challenges to create a culture of accountability and integrity both within themselves and their organization or company.  She works with ambitious and powerful individuals and has a reputation for getting to the crux of the matter quickly, even when a challenge isn’t obvious.  As a trusted advisor, Michele creates a safe and supportive space where her clients have the luxury of speaking openly, resulting in unexpected and measurable business results in a short period of time.  This produces heightened productivity and a high level of satisfaction, which increases loyalty and dedication. Coaching allows clients the liberty to embrace the best parts of themselves which brings a level of excitement and creativity to the workplace that is often absent or suppressed.


It’s been reported that companies which realize that human capital is the single most important asset and investing in this way impacts every aspect of the organization.  Striving to create business solutions without addressing the general wellbeing and vitality of your talent often leaves opportunities unrealized or under-optimized.  At Mosaic Coaching Solutions we partner with you or your sponsor to empower everyone on the team to be their best selves resulting in enhanced productivity and a bigger bottom line.

Executive Coaching can be contracted on an as-needed basis for executives, high-potentials, individual contributors, management and key employees, as a series of workshops or presentations, or as an essential follow-up to Michele’s workshops and seminars, reinforcing the techniques learned until they are commonplace. For smaller organizations Michele offers a subscription service which can be employed as the need arises. Her executive coaching is based on the Co-Active Model focusing on fulfillment, balance and process principles.




Expect to Address:

  • Powerful and Effective Communication

  • Understanding More About Who You Are

  • Time Management

  • Having the Tough Conversations

  • What Role Vulnerability Plays in Your Leadership

  • The Language of Accountability and the Nature of Excuses

  • Managing Your Saboteur

  • Real Listening vs. Your Private Dialogue

  • Taking Bold  & Decisive Action

  • Emotional Intelligence


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