One-to-one coaching begins with a focus on your values, motivations and interests.  What follows is heightened self awareness and a commitment to shifting from experiencing work and life by circumstance to intentional decisive actions across several areas. The Co-Active Model helps connect   your values and purpose to your productivity and success.  Be it your relationship with your manager, colleagues or family, private coaching helps get you to greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

Two sessions per month - a minimum three month commitment is recommended.

A program designed to create a shift in one area where there's a specific challenge or opportunity.  Perhaps a promotion, increased visibility by company leadership, a decision on the next step in your career or personal relationship could be the focus of this powerful short-term coaching engagement.  Whatever is keeping you awake at night is where we begin. We analyze various perspectives on the topic and help you connect them to your highest values by galvanizing your approach. The client who selects this program has a specific topic in mind when coaching begins.  Four sessions total - a minimum two month commitment is recommended.

This program appeals to those who desire to experience coaching in a group setting.  It's generally around a specific subject - some examples include what’s your big “why?” - hitting your numbers, clarifying your values, discovering your credo, greater productivity, stress reduction, and  work-life balance.  This works well as a lunchtime series, for affinity groups, early morning hangout.


This is a customized full day designed for the client who's in need of a focused approach to creating a dramatic shift in their business, organization or personal life. What's preventing you from forging ahead?  What are the barriers? What results is a comprehensive game plan with milestones and benchmarks with focused accountability every step of the way. A previous coaching engagement is required.


Virtual Cohort Coaching is for those who thrive in a group setting. Truly co-active in nature, this is for you if you want coaching through a shared experience, or for the person who welcomes multiple perspectives. Cohorts gather via teleconference for 90-minute biweekly sessions. Each participant also receives an additional monthly private coaching session. Virtual Cohort Coaching requires a minimum three-month commitment.


Be sure to ask about the Coordinator Incentive!


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