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“How you do anything is how you do everything!”

With MCS growing by leaps and bounds, it’s been important for me to pursue my purpose, expand my experience, and revel in joy personally and professionally.

A few of my favorite moments this year--

I attended the GLAAD Media Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles as a guest of President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis and met Halle Berry!

I took Spanish classes in the Empire State Building! I’ve tried to keep my Spanish up and learn what I can in informal settings, like on my trip to Panama in March, but this year I took it back to school and am determined to become fluent! For any adult learners of foreign language out there, please share your tips by clicking here

Attending all four grand slams is on my bucket list, and this year I saw my beloved Serena at the U.S. Open yet again! It’s become something of a summer ritual for me, but Australia, Wimbledon and the French Open still await… Power, agility, intelligence and pressure: tennis fans, stay tuned for a post on how the game can inspire our choices and responses in life and work. Did I mention that I played singles and doubles for years? I LOVE this game!

And if tennis is not your thing, let’s talk basketball! My love of the game took me to San Antonio to support my alma mater, Loyola University of Chicago, at the NCAA Final Four with a long-time buddy who I watched a lot of basketball games with back during our college years! And the Golden State Warriors triumphed in their quest for the NBA title once again--this never gets old! This last shot is opening night 2018 after the awesome championship ring ceremony. How ‘bout those Warriors?

I piloted an airplane in November in my very first flight lesson, a milestone birthday gift from my awesome daughters, There’s just no perspective like 20,000 feet in the pilot’s seat, and it was an absolute thrill! Stay tuned for another post soon with my reflections on the experience. It was epic/exhilarating at the same time it was calming/centering. Pretty cool stuff. What’s the adventure you’ve kept at bay all this time? Just do it!

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