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Taking Care

Last month I took a bit of a much needed pause. Working with leaders on their well-being can sometimes be challenging. It is often the leaders who have the hardest time taking care of themselves - taking time to pause and rejuvenate. We live in a culture that often promotes the grind, do more, produce more, achieve more. This process often leaves little space for creativity to be tapped and to flourish.

How many leaders have you received emails from when they are on vacation? Are you THAT leader? What if we were to take initiative to prioritize wellness by encouraging ourselves and our leaders to take time for themselves. We can slowly change the culture one vacation day at a time. Let’s go beyond wondering what life would be like if we were to intentionally take time for ourselves before we are not well and begin to actually PRACTICE taking care of ourselves. In the words of Bozoma Saint John “I am proactive about me.”

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