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 Re-imagine your post-pandemic life. Be thoughtful

and intentional about your approach to protect your peace.

goals & intentions

mindfulness practices

reflection exercises


The last two years have given us plenty of opportunity to reconnect with ourselves in new ways – ways that previously were perhaps unimaginable.  Whether it’s how you boost your immune system or how you respond when you get a tickle in your throat. Perhaps you’re dealing with friends and neighbors with more clarity and direct communication. Are you the one who no longer apologizes for saying “no, I’m not comfortable with that” when previously you might have reluctantly said yes?


Let’s gather for 4 weeks to tap into all that you have shed, or perhaps to wake up/activate some of the seeds that you’ve planted while being off the grid due the pandemic. We’re confident that there’s an evolved version of yourself that’s longing for a bit of structure to build on what you’ve already begun. Remember, you're the boss of you!

We’ll spend an hour together each week, leaving you encouraged to embrace and honor what’s new about your life’s journey! You’ll have time to revisit goals that you set a few months ago (or you can set them now). By the end of this experience, we guarantee that you’ll be ready to resume your family, work or community life re-charged, re-invigorated, supported and even more confident, as you thrive now!


Here's some of what you can expect – Thrive Now

  • E-Book with exercises and journal prompts

  • Meditation and Mindfulness practice

  • Reconnecting with your goals

  • A peek at your current level of satisfaction

  • New ways to honor commitments

  • Lots of bonus content

  • Lifetime membership with MCS programs


Here's how it works:

  • You register and pay + we hope you'll invite your crew to do the same

  • You show up fully present to each session - Wednesdays (after work or after dinner)

  • Practice "thriving now" in between the sessions

  • You will forever have access to the E-Book and can always use it as a resource

  • One hour live per week each day for 4 weeks with check-ins in between



When asked,  what did you enjoy most, here's what they said:

Michele is an engaging, effortless presenter. This work brings her joy and she clearly wants that for others. Wonderful facilitation!


Jillian is one of the most real, passionate women I’ve ever met. A gentle, sweet yet fierce soul, like a quiet storm that you want to be around energetically to absorb! She had relevant and wonderful material I found super complimentary to Michele and their “team” was powerful all-around. Jillian gives of self in every moment and you can tell she cherishes her experience and the experiences of others just as much. So natural and light - can’t say enough, truly.


Michele is a dynamic facilitator because she is authentic. She makes everyone feel like she’s their good friend which allows total strangers to open up to one another and that is priceless.


Jillian was excellent. Her presentation was very good, relaxing, excellent for centering.


Love you guys for this work. Women’s circles are rare, yet so powerful. I felt a huge energy surge and genuine happiness when I went home after the workshop - like there was nothing I couldn’t be, do or have!

It was a great experience. Would definitely do it again.

Questions? Email Us at

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