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Q: If I’m already a client, or if I’ve already participated in the Leading on Purpose six-month program, will I benefit from attending?

A: Absolutely! One throughline of the programming is mindful leadership—a new lens for approaching the intersection of who you are, what you value, and how you lead. And it’s always important to continue to reflect and refine as you evolve as a leader and encounter new challenges in the workplace and beyond.


Q: What’s the schedule?

A: We’ll gather on Friday from 1-4pm with a happy hour afterward, on Saturday from 10am-4pm, and from 10am-1pm on Sunday.


Q: Are meals included?

A: MCS will be hosting lunch on Saturday and drinks Friday evening, but you’ll have flexibility to breakfast and dine independently.


Q: Should I bring my family?

A: Yes, make it into a family getaway! While children will not be permitted in our sessions, the resort is wonderful for adult relaxation or family fun and the hotel has a kids’ club that provides childcare.


Q: Is there a spa?

A: Yes.


Q: Is there golf or tennis?

A: Yes, both are available nearby. Please contact the hotel for details.

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