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Mosaic Coaching Solutions is a boutique executive coaching and personal strategy firm that specializes in helping people figure out what’s next. Be it at home, work, or play, coaching results in heightened self-awareness, clarification on what matters most - resulting in taking decisions that are intentional and purposeful.


Michele Davenport brings over 30 years of experience working in a variety of sectors and disciplines - always serving in some capacity. Be it human resources for Philip Morris’ world headquarters in NYC, to regional sales at Kraft Foodservice, a home-based business for the best-selling brand of skin care, to leading a Bay Area non profit serving inner city youth... She has worked and lived in every major region of the country, which affords her a sensibility about how people view themselves in their communities and in the world. How do you show up at work? How do your peers view you? What’s your role in your family system? What’s fulfilling and gratifying for you? All these questions and more are explored as we all strive for greater balance, more joy and expanded bandwidth for living on our own terms.


Two years ago Michele was forty-five pounds heavier, four years ago in her “dream job” and 10 years ago in the middle of serious medical event. She recognized that improved health and wellness were not optional - so she reduced stress, hired a coach and a personal trainer, changed what and how she said yes and no, and transformed her life. She decided to become a certified coach so she could witness others experiencing the kind of shifts she realized. Having trained with one of the oldest and most respected programs in the world, Coaches Training Institute teaches coaches in over 20 countries how to use tools and principles designed to transform lives.


Her work includes sales executives, hospital administrators, educators, early career, technology experts, personal trainers and more. Clients represent the following companies - Facebook, Kipp Schools, Barnabas Health, and Wells Fargo (partial list). Michele offers private coaching, small workshops, public speaking addresses, and full-day client intensives. She works out of her Brooklyn, NY and Oakland, California offices where she serves clients who are committed to putting together all the pieces.


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