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Rhinold P. - Princeton, NJ
Attorney , Painter & Artist


Michele Davenport is an exceptional coach.  In just a short period of time,  her influence on my life path was transformative. Despite my success as an attorney for 30 years, I felt the need for a change to focus on my love of the arts and writing, but was stuck in place.  After just a couple of sessions, Michele took me into swift deep dive into the fears and the obstacles holding me back from my passion and the realization of my dreams.  She helped me strategize and sparked me to put a plan in motion immediately.  The results were astounding: in less than two months my art career was in full swing; art sales and production increased dramatically;  I was much closer to selling a new book to a publisher; and most importantly, my vision for myself became even larger.  I highly recommend adding Michele to your “better life” team.

Karen M.  - San Francisco, CA
Corporate Counsel - Biotech


The visualization/captain exercise came in handy big time yesterday! During a meeting with mid-to-senior leaders -- I was the most junior and only person of color  in the room. I had a few moments where I started to doubt myself and my legal counsel and then I remembered our visualization exercise and I immediately dismissed the doubt -- AND my discernment kicked in enabling me to see and hear what wasn't being "said" in the discussion. This helped me better understand their positions and point of view, and (thus) value my own.

Michelle C - Dallas, Texas
Retired Entertainment Executive


Michele, you have a unique gift of being very professional, yet fun.  You can craft a suggestion or make a request in such a
way that it's easy to accept.  That gift of getting to the essence of what's being said - by offering gentle nudges that are very
non-threatening.  It's been eye-opening for me.  You are so gracious and have a gift of relating to people - it comes off as a friend/support, and I appreciate that.  I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who wants to experience their life in a
new and exciting way.

Nicole H - Los Angeles
Hollywood Agent


If you are receiving this email it is because I consider you a member of my extended tribe and someone I would like to continue to support both personally and professionally. At the end of last year I made the decision to take some time to really focus on myself, and one of the things I did as a part of that journey was hire an executive coach...

I know what some of you are probably thinking...but for me it was a transformative experience that enhanced my personal and professional life. We all lead fast paced lives and have demanding and relentless jobs and getting a coach forced me to have a system of accountability for achieving some of my personal goals. I realized there were parts of my life that I cared about deeply that I spent very little time nurturing. I enjoyed the coaching experience so much that I wanted to provide people with an opportunity to think about some of the things I was asked to reflect upon during that time.

Alex R - Cherry Hill, NJ
Insurance Executive


On working with Michele at the Next Generation Executive Leadership Development Program (NGE) at The Partnership, Inc. held at MIT Autumn, 2015


"I can’t really express how grateful I am that I was selected to be in your cohort. I am a true believer that nothing happens by mistake. We were paired for a purpose and I am so grateful. I left our session feeling emotionally drained, but hopeful. I will Be & Do for a week and then I will reach out to you to let you know what happens"

Lauren A - Oakland, CA



"Prior to coaching I was growing more frustrated with myself­ I had no idea what I wanted out of life and, as a young woman about to welcome her thirties, I was incredibly tired of being stuck in neutral. Being prone to depression, going to see a therapist is an instinctive decision (and one that has served me well in the past); however, I would leave their office more upset than when I went in. I didn’t want someone to just listen to my dilemma this time, I wanted someone to help me shift gears and move forward. Enter Michele and Mosaic Coaching Solutions.


Michele is a rare beast. Her ferocity, confidence, and enthusiasm is infectious and captures the attention and admiration of anyone who is in her presence, whether in person or on the phone. To be coached by her is like listening to great music­­.  Her invigorating nature seeps into your soul and soon you are “dancing in the moment”, footloose and fearless. Never was any moment ever wasted while in a session, nor did I ever feel pressure from her that was more than I could handle or even desired. Her keen intuition, curiosity, and sense of humor allowed for our conversations to flow naturally, as though speaking with a lifelong confidant. I am astonished at how she was able to guide me so that I could find me, and with no agenda of her own. She simply held up the mirror and then handed it to me so that I could see myself in all of my power from all different angles­­ and damn do I look good! I know that my life is forever changed and expanded thanks to Michele."

Robert P - Newark, NJ
Attorney and Business Owner



My greatest challenges at this point have been identifying areas for growth and development of my business, and in my personal life, and determining the cost benefit of pursuing these growth opportunities. The coaching experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Michele encouraged me to explore ideas without any judgmental criticism. Michele has also skillfully managed the conversations to allow me to reach conclusions that are most beneficial: not always the easiest or self evident.


Since working with Michele, I have a better sense of the possibilities for greater success. At present, I am in a transition in several ways. I'm figuring out the best use of my talents and time to maximize my potential, and having a little fun during the process. I recommend executive coaching for anyone who wants something different and could benefit from guided and strategic approach to getting there. 

Laverne T - New York, NY

Hospital Executive


Coaching has had a big impact on me over the last year.  It created 2 important shifts:


1) I work many fewer hours than in the past.  I have figured out how to delegate more,  to honor that it's important that I take care of myself.  That's only possible if I have energy and time to do so.  

2) As a result of coaching and the self reflection it promotes, I was able to shift the way I deal with my manager, the President & CEO of our health care system.  Using language and a new approach identified in coaching, I received the largest bonus in the system.  An added bonus of coaching is that I began reducing clutter at home and work, thus opening more space for creativity and innovation.  It's apparent Michele cares deeply about her clients and their success.

Sheila C - San Francisco Bay Area

Independent High School Administrator


I am a client, and I'm proud to announce it.  Coaching for me has been an important part of 2014.  Here's how:


  • My self esteem has been boosted

  • I've applied for positions I would never have previously considered

  • I believe I can do many things I began to question were possible

  • I've been able to compare this coaching to other coaches, therapy, and self-help/discovery books and workshops

  • Michele has a real gift to get people to see themselves in ways that might have been forgotten, and to move forward from this new place


For the first time in years, I'm approaching the new year without anxiety and with awareness of what's possible for me.  I attribute much of that to coaching with Michele.

William C - New York City

Human Resources Executive


My greatest challenge was prioritizing that which is important to me and procrastinating on taking appropriate action.


The experience has been fantastic.  Michele offers a good balance of interpersonal and professional sensibilities to all issues and that has helped to bring clarity to the importance of making sound decisions and taking action.


I have been able to put those things which have been barriers for me in the proper compartment in my head and can now see with crystal clarity possibilities which were otherwise embedded in ambiguity.  I feel much more confident in making the "right' decisions.


Life and career still possess many challenges, but I welcome them and have a stronger sense of control on their outcomes. 
I highly recommend coaching for anyone who is stuck and wants to get moving.


Lena E - New York City
Former Sales Executive Turned Non-Profit Leader


My greatest challenge was putting aside time for myself to take care of things that were focused on me and not my family. I needed confidence to pursue another career and to give myself permission to just relax. It was empowering because the time spent coaching was all about making myself a priority without restriction or apology and it allowed time for me to focus on my goals.


In the beginning of coaching I felt a little vulnerable and uncomfortable.  As I began to realize the benefits of releasing those feelings and seeing it was ok not to be guarded I saw the benefits.  I am now more confident and have learned how to prioritize what is important to me and to act on it.  I understand now when the saboteur is coming into my head, and how to manage it.  That has been huge. 


My life is happier all around. I understand when I need to reset and reboot so I can be the best me.  As a result of coaching with Michele, I am happier and recently landed my dream job!

Roberta M - Oakland, CA
Attorney and Business Owner

Focusing on what I needed to do to changed the way I operate. For example, I would cram too many things into one day, then kill myself trying to do them all.


Michele was compassionate, yet direct.  Better time management and focus on things that cause stress were benefits of my coaching engagement. Things are still hectic, but I am managing it better, and I can thank Michele for her direction and care.  I highly recommend coaching as the benefits are powerful and have an impact right away.

Joy P - Washington, D.C.
Congressional Assistant

Some of my greatest challenges prior to coaching included proper prioritization of goals/needs/wants, and I was also in a place of uncertainty. I had a lot of moving parts and Michele’s vision for me was to help me slow down.


I felt my experience was unique. I was able to identify triggers in my life I had not yet forgiven or moved passed, and also invite practices, such as yoga and meditation into my daily routine that helped facilitate my "slow down" process and think more clearly. I also liked that I was able to focus on time management as well as discernment of my personal time with corresponding priorities.


I have experienced many changes since working with Michele. Namely, a new outlook on prior "failures", a new position that I am blessed to have, and a sense of calm from my near daily yoga and meditation sessions.


My life in still in transition, and on the upside of that change. Leaving worry and inviting a sense of calm has changed a lot. I know I still have a lot on my plate, and due to my discernment I know it will all be done effectively and successfully.

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