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Don'Angelo Bevins

Executive Coach

Don’Angelo’s profound understanding of what drives human behavior and performance helps leaders examine internal conversations so that they recalibrate to be in alignment with their people and leadership aspirations. As a trusted partner, his engaging, direct, truthful, fun, and compassionate style allows leaders to stretch, trust in themselves and increase impact by exploring the unknown to produce unexpected results.


Don’Angelo coaches founders, teams, emerging executives and directors to CEOs of hyper-growth start-ups, middlemarket and Fortune 500 companies on five of seven continents. The leaders that he has had the fortunate

opportunity to walk alongside as a thought-partner can correlate the importance of self-awareness, leadership, and managing more than $16B P&Ls. His clients are often expanding their leadership and facing challenges in the areas of building, inspiring, and leading teams; establishing psychological safety and trust across the organization, transitioning roles, increasing emotional intelligence, adaptable leadership, and influence, organizational savvy, race, equity, inclusion, and valuing others, and more.

Don’Angelo is a seasoned, professional certified coach (PCC), facilitator and speaker with 20 years of service – coaching and training 1000s of leaders in numerous industries to include but not limited to healthcare, oil & gas,

utilities, finance, insurance, technology, consumer packaging and goods, media, and entertainment, NGOs, government, mining, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech, retail, legal, private equity, higher education,

real estate development, and more.


Before his career as an executive coach, speaker and facilitator, Don’Angelo held leadership roles in a NYC health care company, public school system, real estate firm, and gaming and hospitality. He was responsible for launching a division and creating service lines that led to a partnership with Mayor Bloomberg’s Office of Economic Development and the training and development of leaders/founders of small businesses in NYC. He is a former adjunct lecturer in higher education and currently serves as faculty for the Co-Active Training Institute, world-renown coaching and

leadership training company.


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