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With a welcoming and charismatic personality, Michele is recognized as a powerful speaker who leaves her audience curious and pumped about what's next. In her workshops, seminars and speaking engagements, she has a natural ability to connect with audiences whether in small intimate settings or large diverse conferences.  Her inspirational personal journey captivates her audience in the first five minutes!

Michele is available to speak on the following topics and can customize a workshop or talk based on your theme.

Women's Empowerment

  •   Where Did I Disappear To? 

  •   The Kids, The Dog, The Boss, The Spouse -        What About Me?




Mid-Career Professionals

  •   The Authenticity Paradox

  •   How Much Weight Can One Person Carry? And I don't necessarily mean on the scale.

  •   What Happens When They Have More Influence Than You and You Disagree?

  • What Got Me Here Won't Get Me There!



Young Professionals

  •  What's Next? (I have the degrees, did it all the "right way" but dissatisfaction abounds...)

  •  Moving on Up - but not sure where I'm moving to... HELP!



The Third Act

  •   The Stage Has Been Set... Acts One and Two Have Prepared Me for the Third Act - 60 is looking great!.

  •   Do-Over? If I Could Rewrite My Book, What Would It Say? 


He Has It All!

  • For the Man Who Dreams BIG! It looks like he has it all, yet there's something missing. What's next?

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