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Enjoy this self directed virtual retreat
with mindfulness, reflection 
and renewal
Choose your own launch date!


This transformative experience promises to ease you into life after shelter in place, in part by you letting go of...

limiting beliefs

apologizing for standing in your power

frenetic movements

low confidence and self esteem

Imagine this – the comfort of your own home, be it your living room, your office, a corner of your bedroom, or anywhere where you can take an hour for yourself.  For five days in a row, you will be guided through a self-directed nourishing meditation experience, followed by instruction on getting to know yourself even better. We will highlight what’s really important to you so you can pivot and apply this new “knowing” in myriad ways beyond Coronavirus COVID-19 to enhance your satisfaction and fulfillment.  Imagine being able to define success on your own terms – that’s part of what you’ll experience through this incredible virtual retreat. Each participant will join this "circle" and walk away empowered with a personalized roadmap for the next four seasons including practical steps to experiencing life in a more intentional way.


All for only $99


Here's a sample from 2020 Vision – Staying Connected To Your Core:

  • E-Book with exercises and instructions

  • meditation and mindfulness

  • connection to your core values

  • a peek at your current level of satisfaction

  • commitments

  • lots of bonus content

  • lifetime membership w MCS programs


Here's how it works:

  • ​You register and pay + we hope you'll invite your crew to do the same

  • You receive the E-Book

  • You launch and begin your 5 day experience a daily time that works for you

  • You will have access forever -  to the E-Book and can repeat or go back at any time

  • One hour per day is all it takes to be in this experience and be transformed, forever!



When asked,  what did you enjoy most, here's what they said:

Michele is an engaging, effortless presenter. This work brings her joy and she clearly wants that for others. Wonderful facilitation!


Jillian is one of the most real, passionate women I’ve ever met. A gentle, sweet yet fierce soul, like a quiet storm that you want to be around energetically to absorb! She had relevant and wonderful material I found super complimentary to Michele and their “team” was powerful all-around. Jillian gives of self in every moment and you can tell she cherishes her experience and the experiences of others just as much. So natural and light - can’t say enough, truly.


Michele is a dynamic facilitator because she is authentic. She makes everyone feel like she’s their good friend which allows total strangers to open up to one another and that is priceless.


Jillian was excellent. Her presentation was very good, relaxing, excellent for centering.


Love you guys for this work. Women’s circles are rare, yet so powerful. I felt a huge energy surge and genuine happiness when I went home after the workshop - like there was nothing I couldn’t be, do or have!

It was a great experience. Would definitely do it again.

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