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**2020 Vision Virtual**



Is this retreat for women and men?


Definitely, this experience will create an opportunity for anyone who is ready to think and plan beyond this unprecedented time. Grab your crew and do it as a group - maybe even Zoom together after work... just think, instead of quarantini - you might retreat-tini!

May I pass the word and invite other people?


Absolutely, anyone you think will value this unique experience. Inviting someone along on this journey that you care about is a great way to hold yourselves and each other accountable to the visions, intentions and processes that will be introduced. Plus we're a small business and appreciate your support - so please pass the word!

Is the Retreat the same time every day?


Since it's virtual and self-directed, you choose the time each day to Retreat.  You will receive and E-Book and video recordings of the instructions and meditation. 

Do I have to Retreat 5 days in a row?


That's entirely up to you - we recommend the same time each day, but frankly you may "retreat" at your leisure. 

It's 5 days of 1 hour each...  

Will there be assignments that have to be submitted to our hosts?


There are daily exercises, lots to reflect on, and consider, but nothing to be submitted.

Is the event interactive?


No. Since it's virtual and self-directed, you choose the time each day to Retreat.  We will have an E-Book and video recordings of the instructions and meditation.  It's pretty cool. 

What’s the inspiration for “The Retreat?”


During this time of coronavirus COVID-19, clients, friends and colleagues have asked about something that would help ease the anxiety, tension and for some, the fear.  If becoming a private client is not appealing or within your budget at this time, this is a way to experience the benefits of a sacred space where you're led to move through the clog points and stagnation to turn inward. While sheltering-in-place, you get to take an hour per day just for you – to create a vision for your future.


Is “The Retreat” planned for a particular age group?

No, this is for people of all ages and in the past when we’ve done it as an in-person retreat, it's been multi-generational.  This is for any person who is interested in spending the next 12 months getting really intimate with themselves  —  pausing, listening to their inner wisdom, and moving from that place to greater day-to-day satisfaction, and ultimately greater happiness.



Is registration refundable? 


No, but it's transferable. It’s also a great gift for someone you care about – maybe gather your people from different time-zones, college buddies, travel friends, parents, young adult children and have everyone Retreat together.

What’s your background and experience?


Michele: In private coaching, she’s worked with men and women of all ages who are challenged to move forward in a particular area or category of their lives. She spent many years in corporate human resources, serving as a mentor and advisor to corporate professionals, homemakers, non-profit leaders and more.  Michele knows her purpose is to support others to find their voice, and this Retreat is a way of her serving and walking on purpose.  See "About Michele" on this site to learn more.

Jillian Faulks-Majuta: Is certified as a holistic health coach through the Legacy Holistic Health Institute and a Kemetic Yoga instructor through the YogaSkills Method. In her career, she primarily works with parents who want to better understand themselves and connect with their youth as they work through everyday challenges of life. As a lover of travel and former Peace Corps Volunteer, she enjoys all kinds of movement, Jillian understands the importance of aligning the mind, body, plate (nutrition) and finances to meet desired goals in order to live your best life. Jillian continues to galvanize people to discover what brings them joy and to be their unapologetic, authentic selves – in every aspect of their lives. 

This Retreat is part of our Empowerment Division of Mosaic Coaching Solutions.  Please email or check out  "Headlines and Highlights" for more info on our offerings.

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