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Impatiens, Or Is It Impatience?

What are the simple things that bring you joy? Today I was reminded that planting annuals at this time of year lightens my spirit and simply put, makes me smile. After picking up white impatiens and potting soil, I drove home to get to work - prepping the soil, digging up the random roots that still linger from last year, and getting everything ready. I can envision what my garden will look like in a week, 4 weeks, and even in late October or November when they are tall, leggy and ready to surrender to autumn in the bay area. I’m not sure if it’s getting my hands in the soil, feeling the roots, seeing the blooms shifting in the breeze or just the realization that summer is here - whatever it is -it’s an invitation to “shift.” What inspires you to shift - shift your thinking, your attitude, your mindset? What are the possibilities for you for this summer? Is it impatiens? Or is it impatience that may be the gap between you and your joy? What seeds are you planting for the blooms you want to have in your life?

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