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Sisterhood - Who's Part of Your Crew? MCS can help you figure it out...

From time to time, you will read the words of a guest blogger. Today we have

Tracy Munford - On Sisterhood

When I think of the word, rarely do I consider the definition, instead I think of the way I feel when in the presence of women whose love and support make me feel a certain way – that is what I call Sisterhood. There are many women who are a part of my sisterhood; from sisters at birth, former colleagues, to those who are part of my close network, to club sisters in the Drifters, and The Links, Inc. Any woman with whom I have struck a positive cord of support and connection, whether at work or at play.

To me sisterhood reminds me of the old quilts our grandmothers used to make – a tapestry of varied colors, shapes and sizes, woven together to create a common purpose – whether to keep you warm on a cold night or to blanket or cover you with comfort, friendship and love.

This past week at The Links, Inc. 40th National Assembly I found the power of sisterhood revitalized and strengthened through my sister, Michele (a Link sister too) to my North Jersey Links sisters; Alexis, Gloria, Valencia, Kim and Margot to my Link sister/cousins; Robin and Beverly, to my new Link sisters of the Oakland Bay Area Chapter of Links, Inc. to the Essex County, Morris County and Raritan Valley Links with whom I shared a hug, a kiss on the cheek, a word of support, praise or sisterly love. I never know who my new sisters will be, I only know that the power of sisterhood, whether through family or friendship, at work or at play, through difficult times and fun times, is so important to me!

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