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Travel Weary

These clouds were in my view from the aircraft on a really stormy day in New York City. After a 4 hour delay, and nearly missing the flight due to a 3rd gate change, I settled in my seat and looked out the window to see the clouds. It brings a smile as I write this - the clouds were magical.

​ ​

There was a beautiful family of 4 in the next two rows behind me. They kept playing musical chairs - even while on the active runway, the 4 year old had to go to the bathroom. Mom got up and took her, that followed with dad saying "why don't you go too" to the younger son. It was interesting to watch (the flight attendant accommodated it given there were several aircraft in line ahead of us). The youngsters were a little travel weary and "very active" - noisy, pushing my chair, opening and closing the tray table, etc. What was beautiful is that their parents just "allowed" it all - didn't try to shush them, didn't tell them to be quiet, didn't squash their experience of what had become a nearly 12 hour travel experience for them. I'm not sure what the real point of me sharing this is - except maybe to ask - what are you allowing in your life? If you're not sure how to explore that question, contact me and we can explore it together!

PS - as you can see from my photo - i'm a a little travel weary too! It was an incredible storm and a fair amount of flooding. Is there some way we can get that water to California?

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