7 Ways to Fall into Fall

I found this encouraging. I hope you do as well!

With the winding down of summer, nature’s settling down and preparing for the winter.

Before she retreats however, nature thoroughly celebrates her harvest time, releasing her bounty of summer gifts and making way for new growth to be sown and nurtured.

With her abundance of colors and still-kind sunlit days, I’ve always found autumn a wonderful time to re-establish routines, set goals and create good habits for winter coming.

I’ve already seen a good few autumns coming in and love to share my top seven tips for flowing into fall:

1. Acknowledge your Abundance.

It’s time to sit down with nature, collecting all the goodness the year has brought us so far. Take some time and a mug of tea, and follow your train of thoughts.

Looking back at spring and summer, what great things have come into your life? What did nature bring in? What did you bring about yourself?

Pen down all the wonderful things you were given and all that you accomplished yourself.

Take your time, read over your notes, slowly and consciously savoring the harvest of your year.

Experience your abundance with the fulfillment of a farmer at the end of the season and feel your heart open to the new season.

2. Clear your Grounds.

Nature’s clearing her grounds, and so are we by using the 15 minutes egg-timer trick.

Take an egg-timer, go to your space, put the egg-timer on 15 minutes—no more—and start (15 minutes per space).

Your office:

Use the FACT system by making three stacks:

File: Keep and put away.

Act: Do something with it.

Toss: Throw it out, right now!

Your closet:

Sift your summer clothes into two piles—donate or store—and welcome your fall wear into your closet.

Wash the clothes you’ve put on your donate pile and put them to good use.

Your kitchen:

Recycle those out-of-date goods and get rid of the processed and junk foods that somehow sneaked into your pantry.

Consider the rule of thumb of making sure you eat most of your foods out of the refrigerator—lean meats, fish, fruits and veggies should really make up the bulk of your diet—and welcome those great autumn treats of ripe pears and sweet carrots.

Your bedroom:

Make your space ready for a long winter nap.

If you like your bed cozy, get your winter linen out of storage. Change from light cotton sheets to warmer flannel and swap your lightweight bedspread for a heavier duvet.

Clear the clutter and set up a simple nightstand that encourages you to wind down with a comforting book and soft reading light.

Your living room:

Go through your living space with William Morris’ rule in mind:

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Gather what you feel no longer applies and sell, donate or ditch.

Your bathroom:

Go through your bathroom cabinet ruthlessly—ditch those old mascara tubes, stubs of lipstick you didn’t know you still had and that sticky sun protection from two summers ago.