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End of Q1 - Really?

It's hard to believe that I haven't been here with you since the turn of the year - I've missed it and I've missed this forum for engaging with you, hearing about your world, and sharing a bit with you about my own. In candor, so far 2024 has been a little blah for me. Notwithstanding that January came in hot, with all manner of things, conflicting priorities, deadlines, new projects and such, in some ways it's also been a little flat. Much like I coach many of you and urge you to get curious, I did the same with my mindfulness coach. Have I ever told you that I believe so wholeheartedly in this modality of self-development that I have a business coach, health coach, and a mindfulness coach too? Except for mindfulness coaching which I've done uninterrupted for nearly 10 years, the others I do now as a drop in - when things are stalled, stuck or just a bit flat (more on drop-in coaching or tune-ups in another post).

For now, I thought I'd just say hello. I'm working my way through the grey winter that it's been in the eastern U.S. I've spent less time in California than is typical at this time of year and my spirit is feeling it. Although I must say, having a proper snow storm is always a bonus and I (mostly) smiled my way through it, while remembering how lucky I am to do this work, to support each of you as you do your work and to keep stretching, growing and discovering. See you soon - and click here if you have a Q1 update on how this new year has come in for you! I'd love to hear from you:

  • what leadership victories have you experienced since January 1st?

  • what's one challenge or situation that has you a bit perplexed or fuzzy about how to handle it?

  • share one thing you're doing to protect your peace - at home, at work, or in your civic life?


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