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Spring Has Finally Sprung

Recently as I was sitting aboard an aircraft, listening to Andra Day belting out "Rise Up" and marveling at the big tin bird in the sky, it reminded me of love -- how wholeheartedly and fully I love -- things like aviation, baking for fa mily and friends, walking the lake, and springtime, especially in New York. Any flight to New York makes me smile as it means in addition to work for MCS, I'll get to see both my first and second born daughters! They are pretty amazing women, and spending time with them reminds me of birth, rebirth, and all things rising up.

What's rising up in and for you this spring? What are you planting? For you, what will be born and with you attention, energy commitment and love will flourish and grow?

Is your rising spiritual, practical, in the earth, at work or as you lead your family or community? Take your pick -- it's that time of year, spring has sprung!

For more info on how Michele works with people wanting to grow, connect with us today!

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