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Food for the Soul

It's an interesting & beautiful time in my life, and days like this remind me how blessed I am, and to pause to say "yes, I hear you." This sister is a high powered lawyer at Genentech and had nearly 25 other high achievers, business leaders & social justice mavens in her garden on a recent Sunday afternoon. She and I met for the first time just 6 months ago so the trust she placed in me to be a part of her journey is pretty special. Melanie hired the same chef from my milestone birthday brunch, "Latin Nights" with a similar menu, so needless to say I was thrilled! It was a pretty cool celebration of women, support, encouragement and at the end of the day, love and acceptance. I was humbled and filled with gratitude for such a generous gift of her sharing her tribe with me and for promoting our work together. This is God with His hand all over my heart.

A few still shots from the day... I hope they put a smile on your face -- we had a great time! If you want to learn about hosting a gathering for the people you care most about, or are looking for a speaker or presenter at work, email me today by clicking here!

There's Nothing To It But To Do It

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