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Eighteen years ago, during Memorial Day weekend, we relocated from Denver, Colorado to Oakland, California with a sassy six-year old, and a somewhat reserved thirteen-year old in tow. There was a sense of adventure heading to the left coast and the sunshine state, while at the same time a little sadness on moving further away from our family in New Jersey. When I think of this holiday I immediately conjure up images of the parade in East Orange, then heading to my grandparent’s home for a family cookout which always included everyone on the block. Ahhh, what a memory…

As I reflect on the holiday weather in 1999, I also think about the chilly weather of this holiday weekend. I expected the northern California climate to be a bit cool, yet had no idea we’d want to turn on the heat because the temperature was in the low 50’s! Sometimes life is interesting – with the passage of time the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Let us not forget the true meaning of a holiday like Memorial Day. More than ever I’m grateful for the women and men who have given their lives while serving in the armed forces. That is what this holiday is all about, service to others and honoring those who have experienced the ultimate sacrifice. I’d love to hear what Memorial Day means to you…

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