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2022 Goals Check-In

Hello Spring…sort of. As we move into a new season it’s time for a check-in... How often do you set goals in December or January, then allow them to slowly fade into the background? For me, this year this is NOT happening… I’ve set clear intentions for how I want to move through the world and I’ve also created a bit of a plan for how I want to work on achieving my goals! If you’ve been actively reading and working through these monthly newsletters, you too have likely created a plan. Mine includes quarterly accountability check-ins, updates, and action items towards the list of 10 goals I have for this year.

One goal was to run a race. I didn’t set a specific distance. I just knew I needed to get back to an activity that gave me so much confidence, joy, and energy. With intentions to move through this year with FREEDOM as I take ACTION, I gathered my family and a few friends to run a race.

Community is a big deal for me, so I knew if others were doing it with me (or in my head counting on me to get it done) I would be sure to cross the finish line. So on April 3, 2022 we set out to run the Cherry Blossom 10k race. What I LOVED about this was that people set their own goals to get the race done, even if that meant committing to the 5k portion of the race. For me that said people honored their bodies and trusted their own process. That’s what life is about. You get to set your own boundaries and move through life in ways that feel good to YOU. It’s about choice. See below and choose how you want to move through Spring 2022 to prepare for the the summer.

Here’s the invitation:

  1. Check in on your goals. If you have them written and tucked away in a journal somewhere, rewrite them and post them where you will see them every day. Mine are next to my closet door.

  2. Put a check mark and a date next to the goals you have already accomplished. Follow with a happy dance. YOU DID THAT! Celebrating yourself is a MAJOR part of the process.

  3. What goal or goals are you going to focus on this season, for the next 3 months? Be realistic with yourself. Create a plan with action items you can take each month to get you closer to that goal.


You are doing IT!


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