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Be Well at Work - MCS Corporate Well-Being Pillar

Last month I mentioned checking in on your strong friend. Are YOU the strong friend? Have you checked in with yourself lately? If you have, then YAY - keep up the great work and encourage someone else to do the same. If not, here's my invitation for you. Pause NOW to either work through 1 (or all) of these questions or pull out your calendar and schedule time to do so within the next 7 days.

  1. What brings you joy? This can be a loaded question. The first time I sat with the question it was helpful for me to work through what it means to experience joy.

  2. When was the last time you did "that" thing that really brings you joy? I mean being fully present in it?

  3. What can you do now to create space for yourself within the next 7 days?

I’ll congratulate you in advance! Taking time for yourself can be challenging, but is possible. Release any guilt about it and just enjoy yourself - you deserve it! I’ll leave you words from Bozomo Saint John, “I prioritize me.”


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