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Can you believe I've walked over 1,400 miles?

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe it's still January with so much that has happened since the turn of the year. It's been a pretty long month, with some days feeling like an entire week. From the history-making election in Georgia, insurrection at our Capitol, inauguration, impeachment, raging fires and earthquakes and of course, over 400,000 American souls who've succumbed to this horrible virus. I am happy to close out the month recalling a quote from a client, "I'm a pathological optimist" and that brighter days are ahead!

I made a decision early on during the crisis to take care of myself as best I knew how. So many of you have contributed to the bright moments I've experienced during the last 12 months, including walking outdoors daily, walking in the direction of my own personal liberation. The 25 image above with a heart around it is the number of pounds I've released while walking every single day since March 15th, 2020. Can you believe I've walked over 1,400 miles? That's sortof like walking from NYC across I-80 to Detroit, Chicago, DesMoines, Oklahoma City, and nearly to Bismarck, ND.

While I'm goal oriented, this wasn't a goal I set out to meet. I was however intentional about the shelter in place order not being the reason I would sit still and build on what was already an excessive amount of weight I'd gained while resetting my personal life and growing the business. It's been an incredible experience and many of you have been on this journey with me - either with words of support, shout outs on the pier or the river, walking along side me, sending photos of insoles I could use for my sneakers and much more. There are too many to mention but I'd be remiss if I didn't say THANK YOU to a few - GIRLTREK, Marissa, Coach Moe, Cesar, Adimika, Elaine, Lydia, Chrissy and of course, my personal tribe of nieces, nephews, daughters and sisters - I am pretty lucky to have this group always circle me, sans judgment and with lots of love and humor! If you'd like to explore setting intentions for your life or career, click here to schedule a strategy session, or to learn more about group coaching or programming. Let's have some fun together in 2021!


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