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Happy Veterans Day!

On Wednesday, it was crisp and cool - a traditional east coast November day, with clear blue skies. I had to get out early as a full schedule was ahead of me, so I walked for an hour then decided to do my 30 minute meditation outdoors - it was a beautiful day and since I was wearing my hat and gloves, I decided to “sit” outdoors. As I completed it and beginning to walk to my office, I noticed the FDNY boat, then the U.S. Coast Guard boat and in candor, I thought the worst as in “oh my, I hope they’re not looking for a body” as it’s not typical that such boats are in the Harbor. Then much to my delight, I noticed the bridge coming around the bend, nothing more was in sight, just two towers that were slowly coming into sight. The next several images are what came into view as the massive ship pulls into the Pier and takes its place. There were hundreds of sailors along the deck - and on the ground stood a small, yet enthusiastic group waving them in and clapping, including me. They were arriving for The Veterans Day Parade and it was such a beautiful sight to see…

I don’t know what it’s like to sign up to fight for our liberty, for our democracy and to wear such a uniform. I know that the branches of our military train women and men to defend and protect all over the world and I’m grateful. If you’re reading this and have served, thank you for your sacrifices, for the missed traditions and family celebrations that can never be made up and for showing up for us all. If you haven’t served, please join me today in saying thank you as we honor those who have.

We salute you!

Happy Veterans Day!


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