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How Are You Different?

This month marks 17 years since I experienced a major medical event; one which, by all accounts and based on statistics, should have been the end of me on this side. But I was spared; God wasn't done with me yet, so this tap on the shoulder resulted in me shifting the way I experienced my own life and how I choose to walk through it.

I believe each and every one of us gets signals - sometimes they're whispers, other times they're downright show-stopping messages which require a more dramatic and immediate shift, redirect or intervention. It goes without saying that since that medical event in 2005, I'm different. Or am I really? It's my belief that we come as we are - with our dispositions, personalities, demeanors & quirks, however somewhere along the way, how we express what's natural gets impacted by many things - whether it's the well-meaning members of our society - parents/guardians, clergy, educators, friends - we are in a constant state of becoming more of who we were destined to be from the onset.

The world events of the past 2 years, added to the the most recent devastation and conflict in Europe, forces us to look at ourselves and ask a few questions. Questions like:

  • who am I?

  • what do I stand for and believe?

  • what am I willing to stand up for?

  • who needs my attention, protection or consideration?

  • in what ways can I make a difference, large, small or even minute?

  • am I satisfied with who and how I move through the world.

That's it. No major revelations here, except to say that I invite, encourage, even implore you to listen with your whole being as turn the corner to the Spring 0f 2022 and choose how you want to hear and respond to what messages reveal themselves. Maybe for you, it's just a whisper. Shhhhh - listen up.


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