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MCS Corporate Well-Being Pillar

How often do you practice gratitude? I mean an intentional act of gratitude. As we enter the holiday season, now is a good time to consider adding a new practice to your weekly or monthly flow and gratitude may be a simple and easy practice to consider. Studies show that practicing gratitude increases overall wellness. For many, this season may be a little heavier than usual, so don’t forget to check in on folks (especially your "strong" friend or colleague). It’s a great time to bring more gratitude into your consciousness. This is how it's defined:

noun: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for (and to return to) kindness

What shifts if you consider gratitude a verb? An action that we do daily. So I came up with my own definition:

verb: the expression of kindness and an intentional awareness of kindness, love, elevation, support

There are so many ways to intentionally practice gratitude.

  • Hand written notes

  • A call to say "hey I’m thinking of you and am grateful to have you in my life"

  • Writing down what you’ve been grateful for in a day

  • Expressing gratitude to your partner daily before resting

  • Identifying what you’re grateful for in a person who has upset you

Now, I challenge you to pause for a moment. No, really pause in THIS moment, take out your phone and text someone you are grateful for and share one reason why that's the case. Consider making this a monthly, weekly and then daily practice and watch the magic happen.


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