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MCS Corporate Well-Being Pillar

It’s the gift giving season. With that comes lots of time spent wondering what will make someone smile, wrapping up little surprises, and unwrapping things that make you smile. It’s also a season of preparation. Around this time we hear of people reflecting on the last 12 months and setting new goals for the months to come. These processes of gifting and reflecting can bring up an array of emotions, celebration, and questions.

This month I invite you to sit with all that is stirring and begin to think about the parts of yourself that are ready to be wrapped and gifted to someone else. What parts of your being are you ready to unwrap as a personal surprise? At times we move through life focusing on what we can give to and get from others. Here’s a little more encouragement for you to take time to honor your gifts. The ones you are aware of and those that you have yet to discover. Perhaps your plan for 2022 includes spending more time with yourself in ways that allow you to access ALL of your goodness.



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