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MCS Corporate Well-Being Pillar

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Many of you have already made some resolutions and set some goals for the new year. It’s a great way to get motivated to move forward. This is my nudge for you to set an intention for the new year as well. Think of the intention as the energy you will move through life with as you work on your resolutions, goals, and just simply being. Perhaps you will be more mindful of your words, move with more patience as you make decisions, or be more open to new experiences. To set your intention I encourage you to pause and take a few breaths as you become more present in your body. Do a full body scan as you breathe deeply. See what comes up for you and flow with it. No forcing and no pressure. You may take a few days to ponder but it will come to you.

Trust yourself and be fully present with YOU!


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