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MCS Corporate Well-Being Pillar - **TRIGGER ALERT

I’m writing this post on September 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy here in the U.S. During my reflection, I found myself pausing and shifting my thoughts from how I could have lost my mom since she ran out of the South Tower after the plane hit it to thinking that my mom is still here AND… This shift led me to think about other instances when I’m thinking of the negatives that could have happened rather than focusing my thoughts on the positives of the present.

How often do you find yourself giving more energy to what COULD have happened but didn’t, or what you SHOULD have done but did not? Here’s my invitation -

Practice committing to acknowledging what was AND putting more energy into what actually IS present and available for you. For me, here are a few examples:

  • I am grateful that my mom is here to spend time with her grandchildren.

  • My boss fired me to open me up to receiving a new experience because it’s time for me to expand.

  • The contract I was excited about was awarded to a competitor, and now I have the opportunity to strengthen my offerings.

This process is similar to growing a flower, plant or garden. The seeds you water and nurture will germinate and grow. Be mindful and intentional about the thoughts you’re “watering/nurturing”. As always, I’m available to coach and consult on all matters of well-being. The link below shows a video clip on "being brave" - check it out!

Are you full of you? Check out this segment of "Being Brave" Click Here


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