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Using the Word Love, Intentionally

At the turn of each new year, I choose a word and have it as part of my personal ethos for the duration of that calendar year. It's a way of me being mindful of how I want to move through the world, thoughtfully and with intention. Recent choices have been the word synthesize, strength, compassion and this year I've chosen the word love. During this time of persistent change and uncertainty, with extensions on restrictions; recommendations from the CDC in constant flux; and the "piling on" of new ways of being and interacting with one another and new ways of being in connection with ourselves, I find it satisfying to be thoughtful about what I want to transmit and put forth.

I'm one who enjoys sending hand-written notes and cards to people I care about - sometimes it's my annual mother's day mailing (I send tens of notes every year); or my Christmas greeting to another large group; but it also includes a postcard to my cousin Brenda from anywhere in the world where I happen to be visiting, a "thinking of you" note to a friend or relative, an "I love you" note to my daughters - you get the picture. I love sending notes just to let people know that I'm thinking of them. With these personal notes, it's natural to close with the word love, but in business I generally use the word "Warmly," as it seems perhaps too intimate to use love language in a business setting. All of this is a long way of saying "Love," is what you'll see from my emails and business correspondence this year. In case you've already seen it and thought it odd, just know that it's on purpose.

It's my intention in 2022 to:

  • transmit love

  • say love

  • attract love

  • spread love

  • BE love

Won't you to join me in choosing a word that resonates with you and to be open to the possibility of it making a difference to someone out there, but mostly to yourself and to the way you experience your own life and interactions. Just so you hear it, I love that you have chosen to be a part of MCS by reading this note and by inviting me and us to be a part of your journey -- you surely are part of ours! Love, Michele


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