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WHEN YOUR PASSION (of reading, cooking and eating) BECOMES YOUR PURPOSE!

In case you're wondering who these two smiles belong to and how they're connected to MCS, they are the people who I birthed! When one's passion (of the written word, of literature, of cooking and of eating) comes together in a way that inspires others to find moments of joy, magic happens. On some days, you might find these two baking, creating, curating and delivering smiles. That is of course when they're not doing their other gigs as accomplished creatives in the arts sector.

Danielle and Gabrielle Davenport have just launched their company . . .

BEM | books & more - a literary destination at the intersection of food & Blackness. Their online bookstore specializes in books of, about and related to the African Diaspora. You'll find cookbooks, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and children's books that will tantalize foodies, chefs, culinary experts, literary lovers, history seekers and those who simply love to read. Visit BEM | books & more and their fabulous website to explore concepts that promise to whet your appetite. Consider Women's History Month, Mother's Day, Father's Day and just for fun - they have it all!

This share is not only to celebrate these women who are following their passion(s) but hopefully to tickle each of you about following yours. At the core of all things MCS is the notion that each of us has a happy place and when we sit still for a few minutes, all sorts of wisdom emerges which provides glimpses of what's possible. As I've always said to my daughters, be fantastical about what sets your soul on fire! Stay tuned for more and exciting updates about what lies ahead. And please send me a note about what sets your soul on fire as we'd love to feature you here or at a minimum support you in experiencing more joy, satisfaction and even more smiles!

Visit BEM Books & More or on social media @bembrooklyn


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